Informative  practice of students of educational programs of the Kazakh language and literature

I am, Sembek Nazerke, 1st year student of the educational program “Kazakh language and literature” of the Academy “Bolashag” in Karaganda. On 23.01.2023, she came to the educational cognitive practice, to the general secondary school No. 6 in Karazhal, Ulytau region. The school was founded in 1976, and since then there have been many graduates. The school is 11 years old, the number of teachers in the school is 26, two teachers of the mini-center, one teacher of preparatory classes, twenty with higher education, six with secondary special education. One teacher of the highest category is a research teacher, ten teachers of the 3rd category, six teachers of the 2nd category, the rest of the teachers are young, while they work without a category. The number of children in school is average. The director of the Almagambetov school, Zhumagali Zholshibekovich, is a very modest person, he and my supervisor, Gulnar Abdikarimovna Zholdybayeva, received me kindly, and completely got acquainted with the school. On every wall I saw photos of the best students, teachers, and social events. In the office, I got acquainted with the classroom corner and the general rules. The guys of the class where I had an internship were friendly, responsive. I am sure that I came to a good class, a good leader. The lesson took 45 minutes, I liked it, I seemed to have already learned something. I was given students of the ” 5th” class. There are mainly 11 students in the class, 8 of them boys and 3 girls. After the lesson was over, we discussed what topics we would be going through in the future.

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