Presentation of the book “Paganuzzi N.V.: The Master of the Fann Mountains from Sary-Arka”

On April 5, 2022 in “Qogamdyq kelisim” Department of Internal Policy of Karaganda region was presented the book “Paganuttsi N.V.: The master of Fann mountains from Sary-Arka (Biography. travel notes. Prose). The author of the biographical sketch and co-editor-in-chief is Director of the Rukhaniyat Centre, Academy “Bolashaq”, the member of scientific-expert group of Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan of the Karaganda, A.U. Aupenova.

The edition is a result of archival researches and many years of systematic work of A.U.Aupenova on searching, discovery, fixing, study, research of documentary evidences about the founder of mountaineering and mountain tourism in Central Kazakhstan N.V.Paganuttsi (1899-1988). On the World day of tourism – September 27, 2000. – To the teacher and traveler N.V.Paganuzzi in Karaganda on the wall of the house number 2 on Lenin Street (now Abaya Street) was opened a memorial plaque.

The book is the first to present a vivid biography and the most complete collection of N.V.Paganuzzi’s works, as well as correspondence with authoritative publications of the time and touristic organizations. The book is published in 120 copies and is addressed to the readers interested in history of Karaganda region and tourism movement.

The reviewer of the edition N.Y.Voyevoda, candidate master of sports in sports tourism, director of Karaganda Region Federation of Sports Tourism and Tourist Combat, honored instructor of tourism of the Republic of Kazakhstan and teacher of special disciplines of “Emergency Protection” department of Karaganda Higher Polytechnic College, attended the presentation of the book. During the performance Nikolay Yakovlevich noticed: “As a result of the scrupulous and long-term search of documentary evidences of the biography from archives of public institutions, studying of family documents, official documents of the literary heritage published in the open press, conversations of A.U. Aupenova with close relatives, interviews with colleagues, pupils and followers, the autobiographical image of the outstanding person – the intellectual, the publicist, the teacher-innovator, the scientist – was generated and presented in this literary work.

Invaluable is the role of N. Paganuzzi in the formation and development of sports tourism in the Karaganda region. So, his disciples, fellow students and followers (Kondratyev V. Ya. and V. S., Nepomnyashchikh V., Timofeev A., Gulnev Y., Shubin A., Terekhov A, F.U. Ukusheva, G.A. Aigistov, G. Enns, N.F. Rekubratski, Sh.K. Romashkin, Sh.K. Musin, S.P. Kistanov, V. Ten, A. Dedy, K. Farafonov, I.U. Gabbasov, P.A. Ruskov) contributed and continue to contribute greatly to the expansion of the geography of sports routes, both in the territory of independent states of the former Soviet Union, and in ascents to the most difficult peaks of the world (Himalayas: Lhodz, K-2, Everest).

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Director of SIC “Rukhaniyat”

A.U. Aupenova

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