Intellectual quiz “Digital currency – tauelsizdimizdin nyshany” on the National Currency Day

As the events devoted to the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 16th of November 2021 the chair “Finance” conducted an intellectual quiz “Foreign currency – tauelsizdіgіzdіn nynyshany” dedicated to the Day of National Currency.

At the beginning of the event with a welcoming speech to the participants and participants were acted by candidate of economic sciences, professor Daribekova A.S. and vice-rector for social and educational work Ismailova R.N.

Student of group F-18-1 Kisina Zarema made presentation “National currency of Kazakhstan”.

Altynbek Ayazhan, student of group F-21-2 and Tanashev Zhanat, student of group F-19-2k were masters of the quiz.

5 teams of different specialties took part in the quiz:

  1. jurisprudence
  2. Pharmacy
  3. Kazakh language and literature

Foreign language

Pedagogy and Psychology, Pedagogy and Methodology of Primary Education.

The quiz consisted of three rounds:

1 round – Question-Answer. The teams were offered to answer 15 questions;

2nd round – Tasks – solved 5 financial problems;

Round 3 – Guess the Word – the teams had to guess financial and economic terms after their explanation by one of the team members.

The results of the quiz are as follows:

1st place was won by the team “Tenge” OP “Pharmacy”;

2nd place – the team “Ecvitos” OP “Jurisprudence”;

3rd place – the team “Kyrandar” OP Kazakh language and literature

All teams were awarded with certificates of participants, and the winning team – with a sweet prize in the form of a cake.

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