Meeting with Representatives of Religious Associations

On the 17th of November a meeting was held at our Academy with representatives of religious associations. The meeting was attended by the dean of the Karaganda church district Archpriest Ugolkov Alexander Nikolaevich and the imam of Bala-Kazhi Mosque Amanzholov Sultan Mouratovich. The meeting was with students. The meeting had a religious character. At the beginning the opening speech was given. And then our students asked questions. There were a lot of questions, but all questions were answered. The main theme was: formation of spiritual and moral values, interethnic relations and prevention of extremist displays in the youth environment. The meeting was held in two languages. Thanks to that meeting our students enriched their knowledge in the religious sphere. At the end of the meeting, students and teachers of the academy were able to find answers to difficult questions. Thank you for the informative lecture and help in shaping spiritual and moral values to our students!

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