Seminar at Arabayev Kyrgyz State University

December 18, 2019 on the basis of the Department of Biological Diversity of the Faculty of Biology and Chemistry of Arabayev Kyrgyz State University a scientific seminar was held, during which senior researcher M.Y. Ishmuratova, researcher A.N. Kalizhanova and junior researcher T.V. Maryshkina spoke about the results and current status of the grant project “Creating a trilingual dictionary of biological terms with a linguocultural component”, showed the organization of project activities on the Trello platform.

The workshop was attended by staff from the Department of Plant Botany and Physiology, Department of Molecular Biology and Department of Chemical Disciplines.

Employees of the department and dean of the faculty showed high interest in the grant project and suggested adding Kyrgyz language to expand online version of the dictionary.

An agreement was reached to sign an agreement on scientific cooperation, academic mobility and internships.   

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