Curatorial hour on the theme “Shanyrak”

The curatorial hour on the topic “Shanyrak” was held on 03/14.24 by senior teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication, M.K. Abdresheva and A.B. Abilzhan. Curators and students gathered together to study the traditional Kazakh dwelling “shanyrak” and its significance in the culture and history of the people.

The agenda:

The history and construction of Shanyrak: An overview of the history and architectural features of Shanyrak, its role in the life of the people and its symbolic significance.
Traditional design elements: Consideration of the traditional design elements of “Shanyrak”, their functionality and importance in the daily life of the Kazakh family.
The symbolism of “Shanyrak“: Discussion of the symbolic meaning of ”Shanyrak” in Kazakh culture, its connection with nature and cosmic representations.
Modern application and preservation: A review of the modern application and preservation of “Shanyrak” in modern society and architecture.
Discussion and questions: Answers to participants’ questions, discussion of impressions and ideas on the topic of “Shanyraka”.

During the curatorial hour, the participants of the In-21-1 and In-21-2 groups actively participated in the discussion of the topic of “Shanyrak”. The deep interest of students in studying the cultural heritage of Kazakhstan and its architectural features was revealed.

The curatorial hour on the theme of “Shanyrak” ended with an understanding of the importance of preserving and studying the cultural heritage of Kazakhstan, including such symbols as “Shanyrak”. We hope that this event has stimulated students to explore their culture and traditions more deeply.

The curatorial hour proved to be interesting and informative for students of the In-21-1 and In-21-2 groups, allowing them to deepen their knowledge about the cultural heritage of Kazakhstan.

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