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UDC 902/904 (574)
BBK 63.4 (5 Каz)
A 46

Karaganda State University named after academician E.A.Buketov Saryarkinsky archaeological institute Department of history of Kazakhstan and Assembly of people of Kazakhstan National historical-cultural and natural museum-reserve “Ulytau” 46

Sign of Iron on Altynshoky Mountain Collection of articles and publications. – Karaganda: Ltd Tengri, 2020. – 6. 192 Timur’s sign on the sock Altynshoky Collection of articles and publications. – Karaganda: Ltd Tengri, 2020. – p. 192 Hallmark of Tamerlane at Altynshoky. Collected articles. – Karaganda: Ltd Tengri, 2020 – p. 192 ISBN 978-601-7950-43-9

Collection of articles “Sign of Iron in Altynshoky” is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of the historical and cultural complex Altynshoky (Republic of Kazakhstan, Karaganda region, Ulytau district). The mound in Altynshoky was built in 1391. Iron troops formed during the campaign against Toktamys Khan through the Desht-Kipchak steppe. As a sign of the march, there is an inscription on the mound, which is known as the “Iron Stone”. Traces of strong fire, smoke and air ducts are still preserved in the stone mound of the mound. It is believed that there was a furnace for smelting metal. Archaeologists, historians, chemists, geologists, botanists, and cartographers have discovered that the mound was not a smelting furnace but a large-scale thermal power plant. Determining the period of radicarbon proved that the construction of the mound coincided with the date of the Iron War. The fire and the building itself may have been used for sacred ceremonial purposes. Articles are presented in Kazakh, Russian and English. The collection was attended by scientists from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Hungary and the United States. Recommended for local historians, museum staff, professionals interested in the history of Central Asia.

A collection of articles entitled “The Sign of Timur on the hill of Altynshoki” is devoted to an interdisciplinary study of the historical and cultural complex of Altynshoki (Ulytau p-on, Karaganda region, Republic of Kazakhstan). The mound on the hill of Altynshoki was built by Timur and his warriors during a campaign through Desht-i Kypchak against Toktamysh Khan in 1391. A stone with an inscription as a sign of this campaign, the so-called “Stone of Timur”, was installed on the mound. To this day, there are still traces of strong fire from the fire, slag and air ducts in the stone embankment of the mound. A study involving archaeologists, historians, chemists, geologists, botanists and cartographers found that the mound is a heat engineering structure for making a large fire, not for melting metal. Radiocarbon nose dating confirmed that the time of the mound’s construction coincided with that of Timur’s military campaign against Toktamysh. The fire and the structure itself appeared to be of a sacral nature, linked to the cult of worship of the ancestral Mount. The articles are available in Kazakh, Russian and English. Scientists from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Hungary and the USA took part in the collection. It was recommended for specialists, local historians, museum workers and all those who are interested in the history of Central Asia.

The collection of the articles “Tamerlane’s sign on Altynshoky hill” is devoted to the interdisciplinary study of the historical and cultural complex of Altynshoky (Ulytau district, Karaganda region, Republic of Kazakhstan). ‘Ihe mound on the hill of Altynshoky was built by I imur and his soldiers during his campaign against Toktamysh Khan in 1391, through the steppes of Desht- i-Kypchak. A stone with an inscription, the so-called “Timur’s Stone”, was installed on the mound as a the memory sign of this campaign. Traces of strong fire, slag and blower channels are still preserved in the stone mound. It was assumed that later a furnace for melting metal was arranged here. The result of the study performed by archaeologists, historians, chemists, geologists, botanists, cartographers is as follows: it was found that the mound was a thermal engineering construction for a large fire location and not for metal smelting. Radiocarbon dating confirmed the simultaneity of the date of the mound construction with that of Timur’s military campaign against Toktamysh. Apparently, the fire and the construction itself had a sacred character, associated with the cult of worship of the tribal Mountain. Ihe territory of Ulytau was the eastern province of the Ulus of Zhoshy (Dzhuchi), the Golden Horde. Ihe articles are in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages as well. Ihe scientists from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Hungary and the USA took part in the publication. Ihe collected papers is recommended for specialists, local historians, museum workers, for all who are interested in the history of Central Asia.

UDC 811.111
BBK 81.2 Eng
Е 96

A.R. Eshkeev, M.T. Kasymetova.

Introduction to professionally-oriented English for Mathematicians: . monograph by A.R. Eshkeev, M.T. Kasymetova. – Karaganda: Typography of Arco LLP 2017.- 299 pp.


The aim of this monograph is to provide the necessary background information from English for professionally-oriented use in the field of mathematical disciplines. The information required is understood to be descriptive information from school and university mathematics courses for teaching professionally-oriented English for mathematical specialisations. The material includes basic concepts from the following sections of mathematics: elements of school mathematics, elements of mathematical logic, elements of mathematical analysis and differential equations, elements of linear algebra and analytic geometry. It also provides information useful for writing scientific articles and preparing scientific papers in English on mathematical specialties. It is intended for students, undergraduates, teachers of mathematical specialties, and can also be recommended for use as a teaching tool for teachers of specialties “Physics”, “Chemistry”, “Biology” and “Informatics” in higher education institutions and secondary schools in order to obtain the basics of professionally-oriented English in mathematics.

UDC 94(574)
BBК 63.3 (5Kaz)
Е 85

Memorable Alash: Literary-cognitive edition. / Comp. Zhumagul SB./1st edition / -Karaganda, LLP “TENGRI Ltd”. 2018. – 676 ​​p. ISBN 978-601 -7950-26-2 The book contains excerpts from memoirs of various genres, which are connected with the historical lessons of the creative life of the figures of Alashorda at the height of statehood. It contains valuable information about the birthplace and ancestry of the children of the steppe, family and relatives, upbringing and ideal partners, spiritual and scientific environment, the narrow path to the restoration of the Kazakh statehood, the milestones of political and social activities. The bloody memoirs of the wives and descendants of Alash intellectuals, their comrades-in-arms and followers, ambassadors, which testify to the crimes of the totalitarian system, inspire respect for our independence and appreciation of our values. The literary-educational publication is intended for the public eager to learn about the noble nature and noble qualities of our Margas, who led our nation to freedom and spiritual perfection, their moral life and perseverance.

UDC 94 (100-87)
BBK 63.3
Zh 81

Jochi Khan. Collection of historical records, archeological, folklore and music data. – International Turkic Academy, 2020.-368 p. ISBN 978-601-7999-12-4

This collection contains archeological artifacts and historical and folklore-musical data on the history of Jochi Khan, the founder of the Great Ulus (Altyn-Orda) state, as well as Eastern and Western languages. These historical data were published in honor of the 750th anniversary of the statehood of the Great Nation, its founder Jochi Khan. The work is intended for the general public.

AOZH 94(100-87)
KBZH 63.3
З 81

Золотая Орда: история, государственность, культурное наследие – Нур-Султан. “Ғылым” баспасы. 2019. – 376 б.
ISBN 978-601-7999-09-4

В настоящий сборник вошел ряд научных статей известных специалистов-историков из Казахстана, России (в т.ч. Республики Татарстан), Украины и США, посвященных культуре и этнографии, политической истории, экономике и археологии Золотой Орды.

В указанных трудах идет речь о деятельности ряда выдающихся государственных деятелей золотоордынской эпохи, о различных гранях ордынской культуры и ее влиянии на тюркскую и мировую цивилизацию, о малоизвестных страницах истории народов Евразии, чей исторический путь так или иначе связан с Золотой Ордой.

AOZH 94 (574)
КBZH 63.3 (5Каz)
Т 88

Tursynova. Ж

Names in history. – Collection of publications., 2020. – 220 p.+24 p. incl.

ISBN 978-601-7623-16-6

This collection includes published scientific articles about famous personalities who have left a bright trace in the history of Kazakhstan. The articles were previously published in national and regional journals, newspapers, as well as in international and national scientific collections of conferences. The collection is addressed to historians, teachers, masters and students, employees of archives, museums, local historians, as well as all readers interested in the history of the homeland.

UDC 94(4)1939-1945

BBK 63.3(2)62

К 21

Karaganda Region during the Great Patriotic War. 1941-1945. Collection of documents and materials. – Published in 3rd, additional. / Collection of documents and materials. O.E. Berkun, R.M. Zhumashev, L.V. Mikheeva et al. – Karaganda: Karaganda State University Publishing House, 2020. – – 560 с.


The collection publishes documents on the combat way of Karaganda people, mobilization of human and material resources of Karaganda region for the needs of war, on restructuring of work of all enterprises, institutions and organizations in a military way, on formation of national military formations, on preparation and direction of equipment, ammunition and food to the workers’ and peasants’ Red Army, on reception and accommodation of evacuated institutions, organizations, enterprises and citizens, on revival of general military training, on accommodation of evacuation hospitals, introduction of cards. The collection also includes memories of the war and participants in the war, correspondence during the war years.

AOZH 342  
КBZH 67.400.1  
K 18

Қазақстан Республикасы Конституциясының энциклопедиялық анықтамалығы / Жалпы редакциясын басқарған: ҚР Конституциялық Кеңесінің Төрағасы з.ғ.д., профессор Қ.Ә.Мәми, з.ғ.д., профессор З.Ж.Кенжалиев – Нұр-Сұлтан, 2020 – 850 бет.
ISBN 978-601-7918-24-8

UDC 342 CBS 67.400.1 K 18 Encyclopedic Directory of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan / Edited by: Chairman of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Law, Professor KA Mami, Doctor of Law, Professor Z.Z. Kenzhaliyev – Nur-Sultan, 2020 – 850 pages . ISBN 978-601-7918-24-8 The encyclopedic directory of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan describes the process of drafting the current Constitution, the messages on the state of the rule of law, the ancient and basic laws of the legal history of Kazakhstan, the main works on the Constitution. Along with the biographies of well-known scholars dealing with constitutional law, selected scientific articles are analyzed. In general, the content of the basic concepts and notions formed in the theory of the world constitution is determined. The encyclopedic reference book is intended for government officials, scientists dealing with domestic constitutionalism, teachers of law schools, undergraduates and doctoral students and the general public interested in the issues of Kazakhstani constitutionalism.

UDC 811.512.122
BBK 81.2Kaz
М 83

MUKAGALI LANGUAGE DICTIONARY. / Bayinkol Kalievich Kaliev, Zhanseit Kanseitovich Tuimebayev, Sherubai Kurmanbayevich, Sabira Saginbekovna Isakova. – Almaty: “Keremet Media”, 2019. – 1064 pages.

ISBN 978-601-80767-5-6

The dictionary contains 13348 words and 5035 regular expressions in the 5-volume collection of works of the great poet Mukagali Makatayev, the number of repeated themes (282 thousand). Definitions and examples are given for each language unit. Thus, the contribution and place of Mukagali in the Kazakh literary language was determined. This dictionary is not a single dictionary, it is a composite (synthetic) dictionary consisting of a combination of explanatory dictionary and frequency dictionaries. That is, a dictionary consisting of a combination of two different dictionaries. The work is intended for linguists and specialists in the Kazakh language, undergraduates and doctoral students, as well as school teachers and scholars.

AOZH 821.512.122
КBZH 84(5 Каz)

He was not born in a straight line: (Literary heritage of Chechen dancers in Central Kazakhstan). The first book. – Karaganda: Karaganda State University Publishing House, 2019. – 304 pages. ISBN 978-9965-39-840-7 The collection includes the literary heritage of Chechen dancers living in the Central Kazakhstan region. Although their names and most of their speeches are well-known, some of their works are unpublished. In addition, definitions of the providers of the heritage, some rare words and definitions of clans, place-names were made. The collection is intended for most readers who appreciate spiritual values. We are confident that it will contribute to the research of applicants.

AOZH 29.5(038)
КBZH 63.2ya2
М 68

The Great Nation (Altyn-Orda), Chagatai, the state of Moghulistan. Selected collection of artifacts and historical data. – Publishing house “Science”, 2019. – 510 pages.

ISBN 978-601-7793-98-2

This collection includes decrees, letters, embassy symbols, numismatic complexes, artifacts and selected versions of oriental written sources on the history of the Great Nation (Altyn-Orda), Chagatai, Moghulstan. The historical data in this collection are unique for the comparative historical research, systematic analysis, topical issues of the medieval history of the Turkic world, such as history, language, folklore, ethnography, literature. These historical data are the Great Nation (Altyn-Orda) and Chagatai. Published in honor of the 750th anniversary of the statehood of Mongolia The work is dedicated to the general public.

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