Curatorial hour on “Family Values”

The curatorial hour was held on 03/14.24 on the topic “Family Values” with senior lecturer of the Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication Abilzhan A.B. Groups In-21-1, In-21-2 and In-21-1k gathered together to discuss the importance of family values and their impact on our lives.

The agenda:

Introduction to the topic: The concept of family values and their meaning for each family member.
The importance of family values: How family values shape personality and relationships within the family.
Transfer of family values: How family values are passed down from generation to generation and how this affects the structure of the family.
Family Traditions and Customs: A discussion of various traditions and customs that help strengthen family relationships and values.
The role of communication in the family: The importance of open communication and mutual understanding in a family environment to maintain healthy relationships.

During the curatorial hour, the participants actively participated in the discussion of the topic of family values. Different views on what constitutes family values and how they are formed in different cultures and families have been identified. Participants shared their personal stories and views on the role of family in their lives.

The curatorial hour on the topic “Family Values” ended with an understanding of the importance of family values for each of us. We came to the conclusion that family values play a key role in shaping our personality and determine our behavior and relationships in life. It was called for a deeper understanding and value of family relationships, as well as to strengthen mutual understanding and support within the family.

The curatorial hour on “Family Values” was productive and allowed the participants to reflect on the importance of family values in their lives.

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