On the last Sunday of September, Labor Day is celebrated in Kazakhstan, established by the Decree of the President of the Republic in November 2013, in order to revive traditions of respect for working professions and awareness of the importance of work from an early age.
In Kazakhstan, one of the steps towards this revival was the establishment of Labor Day. At the same time was established and the medal “Veteran of Labor”, which is awarded to the foremost production workers who have achieved good results in their work, workers with more than 40 years of experience, who have worked in the same industry for at least 10 years. This medal is awarded to the workers from different branches of production.
Bolashaq Academy appreciates the work of each employee and teacher.

We would like to remind you that since 2019 the Academy has approved an award for employees who have worked and contributed to the development of our university for 7 years or more.

Totally, this year it was awarded to 104 people.

You have been working for a long time to stimulate efficiency and quality of work, enjoy the respect and trust of your team, contribute to the development of the university, and demonstrate the norms of corporate culture in your team.

Thank you for your work and commitment to the Bolashaq Academy and wish you good health and success!

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