Contest of the best social projects among Yard Teen Clubs of Karaganda region

Jas Fund” Fund to support gifted youth of Karaganda Region announces the start of accepting applications for the best social projects contest among Yard Teen Clubs of Karaganda Region.
The contest is aimed at rendering material support to Yard Clubs of Karaganda Region, the activities of which are aimed at organizing leisure activities for children and teenagers.
Applications will be accepted from November 11 to 22, 2021.
The contest is held in the form of presentation and defense of social projects.
Those wishing to participate need to apply by e-mail with one PDF-file.
You can read the rules of financial support and the application form in the Telegram bot JasProKrg Bot.
Participation Algorithm:
1.Go to;
2.Start using the bot “Start”;
3.Select the desired language;
4.Go to “Jas Fund”;
5.Click on “Best Social Projects Contest among Yard Teen Clubs”;
6.Fill out and submit the application to in one PDF file
Contact: +7 771 259 5484, +7 775 533 42 69.
You can get acquainted with the official regulations, materials and description for publication by contacting the project coordinator via e-mail and on the Instagram account of the project @JasFund.

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