Gratitude to Mikhailovsky Police Department from Bolashaq Academy

Academy “Bolashaq” in the person of Rector Professor K.N. Menlibayev expresses gratitude to the staff of Mikhailovsky police department in the person of Lieutenant Colonel Yeszhanov E.S., who investigated the theft in our educational institution. Thanks to professional and united actions of police officers, the crime was solved, material damage was fully compensated.

We know that each solved case is an indicator of powerful, laborious activity of police for legal stability not only of the separately taken region, but also of all Kazakhstan. And it certainly increases trust and mutual understanding between society and law enforcement agencies.

The crime opened on hot traces has convinced us in modern forms of work of employees with the population and transition of police work on service model. This fact testifies not only to professionalism, but also to the responsible, indifferent attitude of police officers to their noble service. I believe that the identification and prosecution of a guilty person was possible as a result of competent and well-coordinated actions of the officers.

Competent officers worked at a high professional level and proved their readiness to come to our aid, gave us peace of mind. We express our great gratitude for the conscientious performance of the duty to protect law and order by the employees of your unit.

Thank you very much for your work!

Best regards,

Rector of the Academy “Bolashaq” Professor K.N. Menlibayev

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