On April 3, 2023, a meeting on career guidance with a senior lecturer of the Department of Kazakh Language and Literature of the Bolashaq Academy Abylbaeva B. A. on the topic “Experience of the teaching path” was held at the Karaganda Humanitarian Higher College of the Kazybekbi district of Karaganda. During the meeting and interview with the mentors of the college, extensive information was provided about the educational program of the Kazakh language and literature, emphasizing that the choice of profession is the main responsibility.

It was also about the achievements of the Department of Literature of the Kazakh language, about the life of students, about benefits and opportunities.

In order to attract applicants to the educational institution, they were told about the admission rules and benefits to the Bolashaq Academy. College students received comprehensive information on the issues of interest to them. During the meeting, information was presented about the main competitive advantages of the Bolashaq Academy, educational programs, forms of training, booklets were distributed, introducing information about the life of the Academy.

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