I am proud of you, Bolashaq!

Ibrayeva Bayan Mukushevna, professor at «Bolashaq»

I came to “Bolashaq” at the invitation of Rector Nurlan Orynbasarovich Dulatbekov from Karaganda Technical University. I had no plans to move to a private university. At that time, there were very few private universities and everyone was afraid and did not know what it was. But I took a risk and moved from a state university to a private one. There were several reasons for that.

First, when I came to the interview with the rector, I saw a young, enthusiastic man, who had long-term prospects and was one hundred percent sure that they will be embodied. He knew so well that he would be with this university in 5-10 years and I believed every word he said. He said real things, there was no utopia.

Secondly, when visually acquainted with the institute, I was struck by the library. Working in a state university, we had to teach students the old literature, most of which was published under the USSR. And in Bolashaq was the newest literature and in sufficient quantity. I was so impressed by it! It was so modern. Nurlan Orynbasarovich always keeps up with the times.

Third, in the Polytechnic University I worked in a department that did not graduate students. And in conversation with Nurlan Orynbasarovich it was proposed to open a department that would graduate students in the specialty “Foreign language: two foreign languages”. As an ambitious person, of course, I agreed. I really wanted to open this specialty and see the results of my work in the graduates.

Fourthly, the conditions at the university were very attractive. My salary was doubled. And my academic load was halved. I was paid by the institute with a travel ticket, social protection of all employees and students from the very first day of opening the university was at a high level. And to this day it remains Bolashaq’s strong point.

I have been working since the foundation of Bolashaq, over the years we have changed the name, statuses, but the internal part of it remains the same: comfortable working and study conditions for teachers and students, respect for colleagues.

I want to say that in Bolashaq I have implemented a huge number of my ideas. In a large university it is almost impossible to do it. And in Bolashaq, to this day, everything new and progressive is welcomed. The management supports both morally and materially the ideas of their colleagues and students, because the image of the university also depends on it.

 I had a dream – to win a grant, we won it, this year we are finishing work on this project.

The game “Model UN” Ted Tooks and other projects were developed at our department.

We tried and tested everything new and kept up with the times and management supported us.

Times were different, but we always felt the support of our university, it is a very reliable rear. Even now, in times of general pandemic and economic instability in many countries of the world, Bolashaq remains close to his team and students.

Bolashaq will support you in your endeavors and help you implement your ideas. Bolashaq will help you in your problems.

Today I am proud to look at Bolashaq. I see that we continue to develop. I remember with great respect Professor Akylbaev, he was the President of our institute.

I want to believe that we will return the specialties that we don’t teach in Bolashaq now, it will give us more field of activity, satisfying our ambitions. We now have a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and a doctorate. My dream is a master’s degree and a doctorate in all specialties. For this we need to grow our staff. This year the Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication opened a master’s program. This is a great achievement. I look to the future and believe that we will be able to open a doctorate in our specialty.

Last year funds were allocated to our chair for development. This shows that Bolashaq is investing in its future. And I am optimistic about our development. I see that we stand firmly enough on our feet in the educational space of the region and Kazakhstan, and those who work in Bolashaq are confident in their future.

In spite of private interesting (material) offers from other universities, I always sincerely remain committed to my Bolashaq.

Bolashaq gives more than material wealth, it gives spiritual development of man. A person who looks to the future finds all the comfort in Bolashaq.

The most important thing is a comfortable environment for students and staff, for all those who want to develop and believe in their future. It drags you so much that over time you never want to leave Bolashaq, it becomes your home.

Bolashaq provides its employees and students with tremendous social protection and support.

The management shows flexibility in dealing with all issues (study, personal).

Students in our department take part in international programs, competitions and win them. These programs include studying abroad. Our students have studied in America, Germany and France.

I wish Bolashak prosperity. I believe in the competitiveness of our university. I believe in the great potential of our teachers. I am proud to see what a replacement is growing up.

I am proud to see my graduates preparing their graduates. I would like to mention our wonderful graduates and now my colleagues Kalizhanova Anna Nikolaevna, Ishmuratova Margarita Yulaevna, Ibrakhimova Kamila Talgatovna, Kuanova Perizat Ardakovna, Abdisaparov Aldai Aldiyarovich. These are all our graduates.

I am proud of them. They are specialists with great potential, who will contribute to the development of our university for many years to come.

I am proud of Maryshkina-Taisia Vladimirovna, who came to work for us with KARSU. This is a girl with a great creative potential and she implements it within the walls of Bolashak. The special pride of the department is our veteran Begakhmetova Balzhan Kairovna, who has been working for 17 years.

Orazgalieva Farida Shamsulovna has been with us for over 10 years.  During these years, she made a great contribution to the development of the department and the university.

Guseva Elena Yurievna is a creative person, she is very comfortable to work with.

Galina Lebedeva has been coming from the suburbs for many years. It says a lot. It means that she likes it here.

For many years Alexander Kashuro has been working at our department, breaking apart between the Lebedev Theater and the Kremlin. He has been working at our department for many years between the Stanislavsky Theater and Bolashaq.

Rakhimbayeva Bayan Turabekovna is a strong methodologist of our department.

In 2020, at my invitation, a young scientist Gazikhanova started her career in our colliquia. With her arrival, the department will start a new turn in its development.

I would like to tell you the names of all my colleagues, please excuse me if I did not mention someone.

Today the Chair of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication is a strong, competitive team, capable of training highly qualified personnel for the state.

I wish our university, our staff and students good health, further prosperity and success.

I believe that our university will celebrate its 50th, 75th, and centenary. In my turn, I want to be able to see all this with my own eyes and take part in its development.

Ibrayeva Bayan Mukushevna, Professor of “Bolashaq” Academy

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