I love you, Bolashaq!

Associate professor of Legal Sciences Department
Sadykova Kokesh Karigulovna

I have been working in Bolashak since 1999. In the first years, our team was very small, only twenty people. Now the team has increased tenfold, more than two hundred people are working for us now.
The formation of Bolashak took place before our eyes. I participated in all these events and made my contribution.
At the origin of formation stood Nurlan Orynbasarovich, who created a friendly team of like-minded people and for many years, shoulder to shoulder with his colleagues on the brick cost our university.
Everybody tried to do more than what was required of them. Self-sacrifice is characteristic for the team and management of Bolashak.
The traditions that were laid down during the establishment of the university, today are preserved and increased. One of these traditions is the holding of the New Year corporative, a summer trip to the recreation center “Aynalaiyn” in Balkhash, and the Spartakiada.
The main difference between our team and other teams is a great social support and assistance of the management to their employees. These are annual food, bread and vegetable baskets, bonuses for all employees, compensation for travel, which all employees receive before September 1.
I would like to note that this year the Academy management, due to the pandemic, allocated a sum to each employee for health support and disease prevention. And during the period of severe quarantine, each employee received a food package, which included a huge list of essential goods.
All this is the management’s concern about its employees.
More than half of the employees have been working at the Academy for a long time. And last year it was decided to provide financial incentives to employees for each year worked in our university. The prize was named “For Devotion to Bolashak”.
The attitude and care of the university administration towards its employees are invaluable, and the warmth of the relationship reigns in the team.
For more than 10 years I have been working as an associate professor at the Department of Legal Disciplines and I would like to note a very large potential of our department, which produces high quality specialists.
I love Bolashak and I will try to do my best for its further prosperity!
Associate Professor of the Department of Legal Disciplines Sadykova Kokesh Karigulovna

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