Happy birthday, “Bolashaq”!

Dear friends! Today, September 25th, “Bolashaq” Academy is celebrating its 25th anniversary!
Private institution “Bolashaq Academy” is one of the first private universities in Kazakhstan, in the market of educational services operates since 1995 and until 2007 was called Karaganda Institute of Urgent Education “Bolashak”, from 2007 to 2015 – Karaganda University “Bolashak”.
The Institute was founded on September 25, 1995, on June 18, 2007 the university changed its status and was renamed into Karaganda “Bolashak” Karaganda University, from August 4, 2015 the university is called the Academy. On May 23, 2019 the university changed its name to PU “Bolashaq Academy”.
The educational process in the Academy is carried out on the basis of innovative technologies of teaching, informatization and computerization of the whole process of education, application of new concepts in the sphere of education and science, introduction of student-centered teaching, creation and constant replenishment of the fund of electronic teaching means.
At present, the key in evaluating the effectiveness of the University is the demand for graduates and the satisfaction of employers with their professional qualities. Bolashaq Academy pays special attention to the problem of graduates’ employment. Today, the percentage of employment and average salary of graduates is one of the criteria in the rating of educational programs, which is conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan together with “Atameken”, where the educational programs of the university have taken their rightful places: “Finance” – 7th place out of 81 OPs, “Jurisprudence” – 17th place out of 64 OPs, “Foreign language: two foreign languages” – 8th place out of 55 OPs, “Pre-school education and training” – 4th place out of 30 OPs, “Pedagogy and psychology” 16th place out of 48 OPs, “Pharmacy” – 3rd place out of 8 OPs.
The Academy annually participates in the ranking of undergraduate and graduate educational programs conducted by independent rating agencies, the educational programs of the Academy occupy good positions.

Thus, in 2019 “Bolashaq” took 4th place in the general rating among humanitarian and economic universities of the country.
The Academy professors become the holders of the state grant “The best university lecturer”.

Talented youth of the Academy takes an active part in all city, regional, republican, as well as international, Olympiads, competitions, scientific conferences, trainings, intellectual games, sports tournaments, competitions and flash mobs.
The student newspaper “Lemonade” has now become a working link and a good information blog of all events.
The social policy of the Academy is aimed at creating the most favorable conditions for intellectual and physical development of students and masters and stimulating positive youth initiative.
The Academy has a built up system of support for students from vulnerable segments of the population, who are given discounts in tuition fees and other types of support. In accordance with the Regulations on Student Scholarship Provision 30 students of 1-3 years of full-time education receive monthly personal scholarships.
Happy birthday, “Bolashaq”!

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