With gratitude from the students

On October 15, 2020 “Bolashaq” Academy started to issue a vegetable basket for students.

Potatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions were distributed to students of socially vulnerable category.

Parents and relatives of the students were able to receive the vegetable basket because the students themselves were at the moment of distribution at online classes.

Students express gratitude to the Bolashaq Academy management for their assistance.

Autumn is the time when there is a lot of work in the fields, grain crops are harvested, and fruits and vegetables are also in October.We are grateful to the Academy, which at this time does not forget its students.To help large families,they distribute potatoes,carrots,onions,beets, and cabbage. On behalf of the K-18 group, thank you very much to our academy , which always does good, always takes care of students and is always ready to help!

Many thanks to the Academy “Bolashaq” for the provided assistance in the form of potatoes, beets, cabbage. It is very pleasant that the Academy takes care of its students. Thanks a lot to the administration.

Zhigulina Alina, group PIP-18-1

Dear Rector of the Bolashak Academy Menlibayev KN and many thanks to the team. Every year you provide food for the needy and orphans. I have never heard that such good events are organized and given in other educational institutions. Only in this academy. I have no regrets about entering this university. Only from the heights can you see and prosper. Thank you very much!

Serik Ansagan Fm 17-2

Every year our Academy of the Future creates a charity fund. The same fund was held this year. Thank you. Many thanks to the organizers of our academy. Even though we read online today, it has not gone unnoticed.

Zhambyl Arukhan FM 17-2

I would like to express my great gratitude to our Academy and to all those people, who pick up, pack and carry bags of vegetables. Thank you for taking care of our students. Such help I get for the first time, when they called and told me to come and pick up a bag of potatoes, I was surprised. And when I came to get it, it turned out that they also gave me carrots, beets, onions and cabbage, I even got a little confused. Thank you for such care.

Dmitrieva Natalya IN-18-1K

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