Covid-19 prevention measures by Bolashaq Academy

In order to ensure the safety of life and health of students, teachers and other workers, as well as to prevent the spread of coronoviral infection COVID-19 during the pandemic declared by the World Health Organization, the Bolashaq Academy has developed regulations to prevent the spread of coronoviral infection COVID-19.

Kuur Svetlana Geraldovna, a physician at Academy, regularly instructs all employees in the workplace to prevent the spread of COVID-19 coronovirus infection.

The Academy also instructs employees on the sanitary condition of the university premises and maintains the relevant documentation: a log of general cleaning and a log of the time spent by air recirculators.

There are also developed regulations for current and general cleaning during the introduction of restrictive measures, including quarantine for 2020 – 2021 academic year, regulations for sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the prevention of coronoviral infection in the House of Students.

Instructions on the rules of wearing masks are publicly available in all buildings of the Academy.

These measures are carried out according to the Resolution of the Chief Sanitary Doctor of the RK, Resolution of the Chief Sanitary Doctor of Karaganda region on prevention of COVID-19 spread in educational organizations.

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