With love to Bolashaq Academy

Smolkina Tatiana Petrovna

Dear colleagues and students!

From the bottom of my heart I congratulate my native team with a beautiful Jubilee – 25 years! The most part of my professional life has passed within the walls of “Bolashaq” Academy, so I will plunge into my memories a little. This is almost a memoir.

Twenty years ago, when I came to the Karaganda Institute of Actual Education “Bolashaq” as a “freshly baked” PhD, I could not even imagine that this university would become my second home. As I remember today, August 28, 2000, the charming and young rector of Dulatbekov, Nurlan Orynbasarovich, who for five minutes convinced me that “Bolashaq” is the right place where I will enjoy working. Of course, I was worried and worried, because for 11 years before I worked in large state universities, so working in a private university was something unknown and new for me.

The words of the rector turned out to be prophetic. Starting as an associate professor of the department of natural sciences and general disciplines at the university, I have passed all stages of career growth: Scientific Secretary, Dean of the Humanitarian and Pedagogical Faculty, Professor of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, Vice-Rector for Academic and Methodological Work, Head of the Pedagogical Salon, a member of the Senate of the University, Vice-Rector for Research and International Cooperation. There was even a period of time in my working biography when I left the university for three months, but, regretting it, I went back.

Many good things have happened to our Academy in 25 years. The form of university organization changed: Institute – University – Academy. The environment was changing: some people left the staff, others found jobs there. I would like to say the main thing: a university is, first of all, people! The staff of Bolashaq is unique. It is like a real living organism, either accepted into its ranks, or do not get along with it. A large number of bright, competent professionals and charismatic personalities. I could list a lot of names of my favorite colleagues, but I am afraid I will miss someone by accident. I would like to give everyone a big hug on this anniversary!

The university was developing and its students, teachers, and staff were developing together with it.

I would like to thank my beloved students for our joint lessons and invaluable experience in professional communication. While giving lectures, I also studied with you and grew up as a professional. I remember and love almost everyone and I really hope that this love is mutual!

Dear and beloved students, I can list your names for a long time. I remember and I am proud of you. With pleasure and interest I meet each of you in life, work, but more often in social networks.

For 25 years the team of students and teachers of Bolashaq has created a unique atmosphere of harmony, mutual support and understanding. Before entering the Academy building you can safely write “The university is our second home! Here you will be understood, supported, cared for, and will do everything to make you comfortable. Here they teach you not only professions, but also to be a competent specialist, to strive for development and growth. In “Bolashaq” they teach you to live in harmony with people and the world. I really want the traditions of the university to be preserved and passed from generation to generation.

I thank everyone with whom I was lucky to work, to realize a lot of ambitious, diverse projects and tasks! I thank my colleagues for unforgettable lectures, active and lively debates at rectorates, discussions and polemics at Academic Councils, for rich reports of conferences and symposiums, for songs at the campfire on vacation and bright musical numbers at cheerful corporate parties! Thank you for your support in difficult minutes and periods of personal problems.

Happy Holiday, dear university! Happy holiday, favorite band!

Let all the planned goals be fulfilled!

Well-being, success and prosperity! Good health and happiness to all!

With love to the Academy “Bolashaq”, Tatiana Smolkina.

Deputy Head of the International Cooperation Department of Maxim Tank Belarusian State Pedagogical University,

Minsk, Republic of Belarus

25 September 2020

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