“Welcome, Nauryz meiramy!”

On March 15, a festive concert “Kosh keldin, az – Nauryz” was held at the Bolashaq Academy, dedicated to the celebration of the Great Day of Ulus-Nauryz. The festive event was attended by teachers, staff and students of the Academy.

The curtain of the concert was opened by the rector of our academy Rysmagambetova Gulnara Musievna with her warm welcome speech. The elders of our academy, Khamzin Mauen Khamzievich, Sattarova Farida Fattakhovna, Elikbayev Nabi Elikbayevich, made welcoming speeches, who expressed wishes, sent blessings to the youth, and presented poetic congratulations.

The students continued the concert program with their colorful, cheerful songs and beautiful dances.
At the evening organized by the Youth Affairs Committee, a festive table was organized for teachers, staff and students of the Academy and national dishes were prepared.

We are grateful to all the staff of the Academy and the students who took part in the festive event.
Happy Nauryz holiday!
May this Nauryz, as a generous guest, bring the most precious gifts to your home: family warmth, mutual understanding with relatives, a cozy atmosphere, financial well-being!

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