REPUBLICAN ONLINE WORKSHOP ON THE THEME “Spiritual and Moral Guidelines in the Education of a Youth”

The situation in the modern world requires a significant adjustment of approaches to the organization of education and socialization of students, the search for new forms and methods of moral and spiritual education of the younger generation. The pedagogical community and parents were called upon by the National Institute for Harmonious Development of Man to discuss these urgent problems and identify progressive experience in solving them. On February 23, 2022 a national online seminar on “Spiritual and moral guidelines in the upbringing of a young person” took place.

In the online seminar was attended by R. N. Ismailova, vice-rector for SVR of Bolashaq Academy.

The organizers of the Republican online seminar on “Spiritual and Moral Guidelines in the education of a young person,” managed to create a creative atmosphere, contributing to the inclusion of participants in a professional discussion of topical issues of formation of values of children and adolescents.

The organizers used modern digital technologies – google-form, Padlet, chats, through which they answered the questions, wrote feedback, suggestions for improving the forms and methods of moral and spiritual education. The Republican seminar was another impetus for new achievements in the moral and spiritual education of the younger generation of our country. The presented experience of moral and spiritual education in educational organizations, taking into account the current realities of society, requires generalization and dissemination among the pedagogical community and parent community.

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