The day of the “National dish”

Since this year, Kazakhstanis have been celebrating Nauryz – Nauryznam in a new format. Now the holidays last 10 days. The decade will begin on March 14 – on this day the holiday “Korisu” (literal translation – “see”) is celebrated. On this day, people visit each other, when they meet, they certainly shake hands and say: “Happy last year!”.

Every day has its own meaning, delving deeply into symbolic and ideological directions.
On 15.03, a competition dedicated to the Day of the “National Dish” was held at the Bolashaq Academy.
The purpose of this event is the preservation and popularization of national dishes, the study of their characteristics, the preparation of unique nomadic dishes in a modern interpretation and the training of their youth, the exchange of experience.
The national cuisine of the Kazakh people, as you know, is very rich. The food and taste qualities consumed by our ancestors are rich in vitamins and proteins, high in calories, and nutritious.
In accordance with this, the departments and departments of our academy took part in the national competition of dastarkhans in order to promote the Kazakh national dish:

Department of Pedagogy

Department of “Kazakh language and Literature”;

Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication;

Department of “Legal and Financial Disciplines”;

Department of “Pharmaceutical Disciplines”;

Departments of “OR, DOT, UMU” ;

At a specially held event, the participants presented the history of the origin, cooking methods and features of the dishes.
Attention was paid to the participants’ covered tablecloths and clothes. The audience of the competition tasted the dishes, got acquainted with the history of their origin and cooking methods. In conclusion, the jury noted that all representatives presented their kitchens at the same high level, and awarded all prizes:

1st place – Department of Pedagogy
2nd place – departments of “OR, DOT, UMU”
3rd place – Department of “Kazakh language and literature”

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