Exhibition to mark Abai’s 175th anniversary

August 2020 marks the 175th anniversary of the great Kazakh poet, thinker, composer, public figure, founder of Kazakh written literature and its first classic – Abai Kunanbayev. At the meeting in Semey Head of the State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev instructed the government to prepare all necessary measures for the anniversary of Abai: “…We are a nation that takes the example from history and honors great ancestors. The heritage of the great Abai should become an important direction for Rukhani Zhangyru,” the President said.

“It is our duty before our ancestors and a good example for the younger generation,” the Head of State added.

“He proudly ascended the greatness of akyn…

Argyn and Naiman were surprised at him,

to words similar to the brightness of the stars.

With a stream of thought, like the sea, deep…

And my heart whispers to me: “He was lonely…”

Zhambul Zhabayev

With these deep and truly true words Zhambyl Zhabayev described a great man, a poet and not only a poet, his titles and regalia have no boundaries, versatile, multi-faceted Abai!

And we will not stand aside, the library of our educational institution has an exhibition dedicated to the great ancestor.

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