Student Club of Merry and Inventive

On February 26, the annual, traditional inter-faculty game of the Club of Merry and Inventive, dedicated to the Year of volunteer was organized.

7 teams took part in the long-awaited game:

1. ‘Abzal Jandar’ (Pharmacy);

2. ‘JasSTAR’ (Pedagogy and Psychology);

3. ‘Bir Uidin Balalary’ (Pharmacy);

4. ‘Ne Angime?’ (Jurisprudence);

5. “Universe” (Foreign Language);

6. ‘Omir Goy’ (Kazakh language and literature);

7. ‘Unamasa, Karama!’ (Pharmacy).

There was a stage debut on this day for some of them. The hall, as usual, was full of connoisseurs of humour. The theme of the greeting this time was “Being a volunteer means living more than one life”. For the second contest, the captain’s theme was “Improvisation”. Participants of the club chose urgent questions for their performance: problems of modern actual language, events of student life, love, relationship between parents and children.

The first place in this game was taken by the team, champions of the past 2019 ‘Unamasa, Karama!’, which brought the students of the academic program “Pharmacy” together.

The second place was taken by the team “Universe”, performing in an unusual style. Third place was won by the team ‘Ne Angime?’. Having shown an excellent result in two competitions the captain of the Club of Merry and Inventive “Universe” team Syzdyk Aniyash got the nomination “Best Player”.

Meirbek Baishagirov, Chairman of the Committee on Youth Affairs

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