The library collection has been replenished with new books from the FLINTA publishing house for the Foreign Language specialty

Shaposhnikova I.V.

History of the English Language: Textbook / I.V. Shaposhnikova. – 6th ed., reprinted – Moscow: FLINTA, 2024. – 508 pages.

This textbook is based on an interdisciplinary approach to the study and description of the history of linguistic processes. The author examines linguistic changes of both a level-by-level and holistic-system nature in the context of the ethno-cultural history of English-speaking communities.

Ovchinnikova N.D.

Lexicology of the English Language. Theory and Practice = Lectures on English Lexicology: Theory and Practice: Textbook / N.D. Ovchinnikova, E.V. Sachkova. – Moscow: FLINTA, 2021. – 160 pages.

The textbook includes essential information on lexicology as a branch of linguistics, semantics, the etymological composition of modern English, word formation and phraseology, polysemy, synonymy and antonymy, and the stylistic differentiation of the English vocabulary.

Evstifeeva M.V.

The manual succinctly presents the main aspects of phonetic theory and practice of English in contemporary linguistics; provides generalized information about the components of the phonetic system. The manual contains a lecture part and methodological developments for seminar classes, as well as practical exercises.

Vikulova E.A.

Theoretical Grammar of Modern English: Textbook / E.A. Vikulova. – 3rd ed., reprinted – Moscow: FLINTA; Ural University Press, 2024. – 88 pages.

The textbook contains an overview of the main sections of theoretical grammar of the English language. Issues of morphology and syntax are examined. Approaches of various schools and directions of scientific grammar are presented, as well as an extensive bibliography.

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