We invite you to take part in the “Two Stars-2021” contest

Dear friends! We would like to remind you that on the official Instagram page there is an annual, traditional contest “Two stars-2021” held among the faculty, staff, students of Bolashaq Academy.

In support of the talents of our university every network user can put a “Like” and leave a comment under the video of the performance.

If you have any questions about participation in the contest, please contact Meirbek Kayirbekuly, the Chairman of the Committee on Youth Affairs.

⭐️Baishagirov Meirbek Kaiyrbekuly
⭐️student of pip-20-1: Baltayeva Tolkyn
⭐️Staff of the Rukhaniyat center: Bagazhar Mukhamedzhanuly
⭐️Student Yu-20-2: Khanat Otegen 
⭐️Senior lecturer of “Pharmacy” department: Тukubayeva Gulmira Nurakhmetkyzy 
⭐️Student of Phm-20-2: Sabyrbayeva Kuralay 
⭐️Senior lecturer of “Legal studies” department: Оtynzhiyeva Gulim Kozhakhmetkyzy 
⭐️Student of Yu-20-2: Оndasynova Madina 

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