A special sign for students graduates of all specialties

Law students of the final courses together with teachers of the Department of Legal and Financial Disciplines for symbolic purposes came up with a special badge for all graduate students. The icon sketch was discussed for a long time, but still came to a consensus and settled on the most acceptable option for everyone.

Our guys, together with teachers, in order to form patriotic feelings among graduates of the academy for their Alma mater and popularize their university, created an icon imitating the official logo of the university, but at the same time having its own unique semantic and symbolic coloring. All this is done so that at the graduation ceremony of the academy there will be a memory of the wonderful days spent in the walls of your favorite university.

Our special badge is a metal roundel on a magnet, by the way, very convenient to wear in any clothes. As shown in the picture, the icon has a special semantic and symbolic coloring and shape. The round shape expresses the patterns of structuring a person’s ideas about himself, society, nature and the cosmos, symbolizes the Kazakh worldview as an integral system. The circle is a symbol of infinity. In our case, it is inexhaustibility and wealth of knowledge.

The blue color, which embodies carelessness and youth, characterizes hopes for a bright future. First of all, it is unity with the people and the state, since this color is the color of our state symbol – the flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The golden border is also symbolic! Gold (or yellow) color historically meant faith, justice, generosity, trust, wealth, light and strength, and it is also called the sacred color. Gold was often seen as sun rays sent to earth or real God-sent particles that people could touch.

In psychology, the golden color is considered the color of health, optimism and vitality. It helps to relax. The shade symbolizes mutual love, forgiveness. Gold is chosen by strong, independent and self-confident people.

In the center of the icon is an imitation of our logo. Please do not confuse this is just a tracing paper similar to the brandbook of the academy. It depicts the figure of a young man in a robe, which symbolizes youth, movement, calmness, purposefulness, restraint, development and progress.

The clothes in the drawing are also symbolic. The mantle is a ceremonial vestment, the traditional clothing of teachers and graduates of scientific educational institutions. By the way, the color of the robes also mattered. In our case, the mantle is not accidentally golden in color, because, as already mentioned above, it is symbolic and embodies the health, optimism and fullness of vitality of our graduates.

The headdress in the picture is in the form of a square academic cap, called a confederate – the main symbol of knowledge, education; academic regalia of a higher educational institution (university).

It is a symbol of the confederation, that is, the union of the unity of the educational space around the world, which is declared by the requirements of the Bologna Process, an institution designed to integrate the process of convergence and harmonization of education systems.

A special sign for graduate students is not just an image of something on a certain background.

A special badge is a symbol indicating belonging to something, a sign of respect for your university, emotions, transformation, beautiful, information, associations, value, brand, memory for many years!

We hope that the presentation of this badge and its wearing will become a good tradition in our academy. And Bolashaq graduates will wear their badges with honor, and increase the authority of our university. Fantasizing for the future, I want to believe that our badge will acquire not only a rare value, but also acquire a special axiological meaning.

In a word, the creativity of our graduates and colleagues has no limits! For which a special thank you to them!

We are sure that our badge will help strengthen our brand – “BOLASHAQ ACADEMY GRADUATE”!

I would like to wish graduates to never stop at what they have achieved, to remain themselves, to resolutely go forward to the intended goal, to remember the academy, to glorify.

Good luck to you and have a good journey!

Dear graduates! We sincerely congratulate you on the successful defense of diplomas, on the completion of the difficult path that you have passed at the Academy during these few years of study!

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