Young philologist – 2021

Department of “Kazakh language and literature” of the Bolashaq Academy in 2021

On March 05, together with the Department of Education of Karaganda region, the first stage of the remote Olympiad “Young philologist-2021” was held among students of the 11th grade of secondary schools, lyceums, gymnasiums of Karaganda region and Karaganda city.

Purpose of the Olympiad:

In honor of the 30th anniversary of independence, in order to promote the language, national interests with new ideas, new approaches, to promote the art of speech among young people, to improve the art of speech, to become a patriot of the country, to promote the choice of profession.

Tasks of the Olympiad:

  • motivation for choosing a future profession;
  • increase the ability to think creatively;
  • development of oral and written language competence;
  • strengthening ties between secondary education organizations and universities.

The first stage is to write an essay on the topic dedicated to the 30th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

59 essays from schools of the region and the city were accepted for the first stage of the Olympiad.

According to the results of the first stage of the Olympiad Commission, 16 best essays were selected and sent to the second stage.

The second stage is 12.03.2021 on the ZOOM platform. It will be held at 10.00.

According to the results of the first stage of the Olympiad, students who passed the second stage:

No.Name of the studentEducational organization
1Aissina AsemNo. 31 secondary school, Temirtau
2Adilkhan Аinur KuralbekkyzyNo. 1 secondary school, Priozersk
3Torekhankyzy Zhanyl No. 1 secondary school, Priozersk
4 Tenizbayev Margulan BolatulyOrtadersin secondary school
5Zhapan Maigul Tilekhan kyzy No. 29 school, Temirtau
6Kurmasheva KarakatY. Altynsarin school, Shet district, Aksu-Ayuly
7Toiganbay Inkar Muratkyzy Akylbayev gymnasium, Shet district
8Saulau Nazira GalymzhankyzyNo. 7 secondary school, Karazhal
9Makhmut Madina Sanatkyzy Yu. Gagarin gymnasium, Akadyr
10Yerbolkyzy ZhuldyzNo.5 secondary school, Balkhash
11Ruslankyzy Farida Barshyn school, Nura district
12Pavlik Olzhas RakhatulyBokeykhanov No. 15 school-lyceum
13Makhain Manas No. 23 school, Osakarov district
14Bekmuratova MoldirGymnasium No. 8, Zhezkazgan
15Saipitan AzharAbay Kunanbayev No.5 gymnasium
16Rymbek AigerimYntymak secondary school, Zhanarka, Yntymak

We wish good luck to the applicants who have passed the second stage of the Olympiad.You are educated, valiant, patriotic young people who contribute to the development and prosperity of independent Kazakhstan!

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