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On May 16, 2024, a scientific and practical conference was held at the Boloashaq Academy with 1st year students in the discipline “Fundamentals of Scientific Research” within the framework of integrated disciplines, organized by Candidate of Philology, Professor F. F. Sattarova.

The main goal of the conference was: adaptation of students to a deep understanding of the value of science and education, ideals and norms of scientific research, levels and methods of scientific knowledge and methodology of science.

Along with the humanitarian disciplines, students defended scientific projects developed in an integrative discipline using methods at the levels of philosophical compromising, interdisciplinary synthesis, cultural and historical reconstruction, empirical and theoretical scientific research on the importance of natural sciences in scientific research.

Defended scientific projects at the conference:

  1. Orazalyeva Ayaulym PMNO-23-2 “Methodological and theoretical foundations and features of scientific research”

2. Dudukina Ksenia Kr-23-1 “Definition of the architecture of scientific research and systematization of bibliographies”

3.Tolegen Syrym K-23-2 “Generalization of the structure of scientific research and sociological issues on the topic of the ethnocultural value of the art of “kuy”

4.Blyalova Ayaulym K-23-2; “The need for linguistic culture in advertising. Analysis of respondents’ answers in a scientific study”

5. Zhaksylykova Dana K-23-2; “Mentality – as a value component of a personality in determining the relationship between hypothesis and theory”

6. Dzholdasbaeva Elmira IN-23-2; “Relevance in scientific research of literature used during a research project on the topic of the social value of family.”

Kadrin T. Yu-23-2; “The ideological and value significance of the scientific research of Academician S. Zimanov.”

The head of the educational and methodological department, Galiya Tyulyakovna Talikova, took part in the scientific and practical conference from the BOLASHAQ Academy team.

Secretary of the educational and methodological council: ALEXEEVA EVGENIYA ANDREEVNA;

Senior lecturer of the Department of ODL, M.P.S. Aitzhanov D.K. from a professional point of view assessed the creative abilities of students in the process of defending scientific projects.

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