Career guidance work at the College of Foreign Languages

On May 17, the senior teacher of the Department of Educational Education at the Bolashaq Academy, Aitzhan D.K., visited the College of Foreign Languages to conduct career guidance for graduates of the specialties “Basic Secondary Education” and “Primary Education”. The purpose of the visit was to tell students about the possibilities of continuing their education at Bolashaq Academy and to give a more complete picture of life and study at the university.

Opening Doors to Future Education

D.K. Aitjan introduced students to all the educational programs of the Academy, paying special attention to the program “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages,” which is a logical continuation of their current studies and offers prospects for further professional growth.

Life at the Academy: Traditions and Innovations

The instructor provided detailed information about the vibrant student life at the “Bolashaq” Academy. College students learned about the various cultural, spiritual, and educational events held at the Academy. They were introduced to the traditions of our institution, which make studying here not only beneficial but also exciting.

Media and Communications: The “LiMoNaD” Newspaper

One of the highlights of the meeting was introducing students to the university newspaper “LiMoNaD.” D.K. Aitjan shared stories from recent issues, demonstrating how students can actively participate in university life through the creation and distribution of content, idea exchange, and maintaining the Academy’s information field.

Virtual doors to the Academy

Aitzhan D.K. also introduced the students to the official website of the Bolashaq Academy, where they can find all the necessary information about educational programs, events, teachers and much more. He emphasized that the site is an excellent resource for future students who want to stay up to date with all the news and events of the Academy.

The meeting was extremely productive and informative. College students received a full understanding of the opportunities that open up for them at Bolashaq Academy. Aitzhan D.K. emphasized the importance of continuing education and encouraged students to make informed choices that will help them succeed in their professional careers.

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