JSC ENPF invites to the Open Doors Day

On September 24 the United Accumulative Pension Fund will hold the “Open Doors Day” in online format.

Everyone who wants to attend this event using a special online platform can do it from home.

The topic of the event is “Individual pension plan – a new generation trend”. The main audience of the event should be depositors who are not aware of the benefits of electronic services of the SAPF.

At the moment one of the most important tasks of the development of the entire pension system is pension planning. It is no secret that young people who are under 25 rarely think about their old age. However, time is very fleeting. Therefore, it is necessary to plan your retirement at a young age in order to reap the benefits of investing in your future. Today’s students and tomorrow’s young professionals should know that an official salary and an employment contract with the employer, coupled with regular contributions are the key to their success in the future.

During the event, participants will be able to see by personal example how they can influence their old age today with the help of the “pension calculator”.

We invite college and university students and young people to our event! It won’t be boring!

Date & Time: September 24, 2021.
-11:00 -14:00 (in state language)
-12.00 -15.00 (in Russian)

In order to participate in the event it is necessary to register. Each participant should go to the link www.bit.ly/enpfakmo Then enter the number of the event-meeting: 2513 423 1145 and the password of the event-meeting: 1212

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