Meeting with a theologian

On May 15, “Bolashaq” Academy had a meeting of 1st year students with a theological specialist.
The purpose of the meeting: to prevent religious extremism and terrorism, to form immunity against the ideology of destructive religious currents, to carry out informative and explanatory work among students of higher educational institutions in the direction of promoting traditional values.

Maratbekova Aidana Sakenovna, a specialist in religious studies of the Youth Resource Center of Karaganda city, moderated the meeting.

Students were given information about negative trends in society and the ways in which people make mistakes. He also mentioned that the religious illiteracy and ignorance of the people, especially young people, who are currently addicted to mobile phones, social networks, that is, the Internet, lead to illegal activities that lead to criminal liability.
Students of five departments of our academy took part in the event. Students asked the theologian questions, answered the theologian’s questions and showed activity.
At the end of the meeting, the religious expert was thanked on behalf of the academy, and the meeting ended meaningfully.

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