Master Class

On April 13, 2024, R.H. Abdrakhmanov, associate professor of the department of Kazakh language and literature, “Bolashaq” Academy. In the K-21-1 group, a master class was held on the subject of stylistics of the Kazakh language on the topic of “Sentence Stylistics”. The teaching staff of the said department took part in the open lesson.

During the lesson, a lecture was given on the stylistic possibilities of syntactic synonyms and parallel structures. Examples of audio, video, and presentation presentations were given during the lesson.

Questions were asked about the directions of effective use of stylistic syntactic constructions. Students listened with interest to the diverse nature of informative, exclamatory, imperative, interrogative clauses, and the scope of functional stylistic use, depending on the purpose of speaking simple sentences from a classical syntactic point of view.

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