A positive teacher is a positive student

Students of group K-20-1 of the OP “Kazakh language and literature” from 23.01.2023 to 12.05.2023 passed pedagogical (continuous) practice at the specialized boarding school “Murager”. For almost 4 months, they have fully familiarized themselves with the life of the school and gained the experience necessary for the future. Students who have responsibly fulfilled the tasks assigned to them: Muratkhan Auzhan, Ramazanova Aruzhan, Orazkhan Aikenzhe, Token Moldir, Shokparova Alua, Rashid Dilnaz, Abdreyim Kanagat. The leaders from the school were: Akizhanova I. K., Zhaksybaeva K. B., Adepbaeva A. K. Students learned how to work with students, how to make lesson plans effectively, how to make teaching materials, etc.

In addition to daily work, students of grades 10 “a” were prepared to participate in the traditional scientific and practical conference on the topic: “Alash ulylarynyn taglymy – urpakka onega”. Also on May 12, a PBL lesson with the 8th “B” class was organized, dedicated to the 130th anniversary of Magzhan Zhumabayev. During the lesson, a scene was presented, Magzhan’s poems were recited by heart. Intellectual questions were asked and the knowledge of students and viewers was tested. Students of the Bolashaq Academy took an active part. The school administration, library staff, teachers and students who attended PBL classes enjoyed the lessons and expressed gratitude.

As they say, “the teacher is the heart of the school”, our students witnessed how the activation of the educational process at school depends on the teacher, the creation of a comfortable atmosphere, strengthened their knowledge and qualifications, gained extensive experience in the field of methodology.

Orazkhan Aikenzhe
Aruzhan Ramazanova
Muratkhan Auzhan
Rashid Dilnaz
Abdireim Zhanagat

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