The first week of pedagogical practice

I`m a 4th-year student of the educational program “Kazakh language and literature” of the KR-19-1 group of the Bolashaq Academy of Karaganda, Mukhamedzhan Asem, 30.02.2023, came to the pedagogical practice in secondary school No. 11, Karazhal, village. Zhayrem of Ulytau region.

The director of the school Umirbekov Nurgali Aldangorovich introduced me to my supervisor. Gulnar Abdikarimovna Nazymbekova was appointed my supervisor. My supervisor introduced me to the school, the school staff and the class. As a future teacher, I got acquainted with the duties and rights of teachers. Students of the “5th” class are assigned to me. There are 12 students in the class. 9 girls, 3 boys. I easily made friends with the class. Since it was the first day of teaching practice, at the first lesson I attended my supervisor’s classes and watched the students. The students of the class are insightful, very active. At the end of the lesson, I collected notebooks to check the students’ homework.

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