The conference is organized by the Department of Legal and Financial Disciplines of the “Bolashaq” Traditional international scientific and practical conference “Prospects for improving the legal system of the Republic of Kazakhstan”

In accordance with the research plan of the Bolashaq Academy, on January 27, 2023, at 15.00, the traditional international scientific and practical conference “Prospects for improving the legal system of the Republic of Kazakhstan” was held in the 316 auditorium of the main building.

The conference is organized by the Department of Legal and Financial Disciplines of the Bolashaq Academy.

The conference was held in a hybrid format: offline and online: on the Meeting ID: platform.

The general theoretical and private legal problems of the development of the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and judicial practice were discussed.

The program and materials of the MNPC are published before the start of the conference in PDF format. A total of 62 articles were received.

The participants of the conference were both university scientists from our region, practitioners and colleagues from friendly departments of universities in other countries.

The geography of the participants is the most diverse. Scientists from Poland, Ukraine, and the Russian Federation took an active part in the conference.

In order to maintain a high level of publications and the authority of the Conference, the Organizing Committee made the following requirements:

1. The Organizing Committee does not aim to attract as many participants as possible – the priority is only the scientific nature of the material, its theoretical and practical significance, the academic integrity of the authors.

2. Organizing Committee:

– reserves the right to select materials in accordance with the subject;

– does not enter into polemics with the authors, does not edit (except for format adjustments) the text and does not make edits that would change its essence;

– does not check the submitted materials for plagiarism, the author is responsible for the content and reliability of materials, statistics and other information;

– practices a policy of free dissemination of scientific information and immediate open Access to published content. All materials are placed indefinitely and free of charge immediately after the publication of the collection. Full-text access in real time to the abstracts of scientific reports is presented on the official website of the Bolashaq Academy in the “Science” section;

– The Organizing Committee follows the recommendations of The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) on the ethics of scientific publications.

All the articles that took part in the conference were reviewed by qualified specialists, and also checked through the anti-plagiarism procedure (in any service convenient for them).

The chairman of this event was the head of the Department of Legal and Financial Disciplines, Candidate of Law, Professor Kabzhanov Akylbek Taibulatovich

A prominent Kazakh scientist, acting Professor of the Department of Legal and Financial Disciplines, Honorary Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Law, Professor Nurgaliyev Bakhyt Moldatyevich made a welcoming speech.

In general, the conference was held at a high scientific and theoretical level. The presentations aroused genuine interest, a lot of questions arose, to which full and reasoned answers were given, interesting ideas were expressed and proposals worthy of attention were made; it should be noted the general constructive, creative and fruitful mood in the work of the thematic section.

In conclusion, the participants noted the coherence and organization in the work of the conference. Based on the exchange of views, proposals were made to improve the Kazakh legislation in the form of adoption and introduction of amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Taking advantage of the situation, I would like to thank all the participants of the conference. First of all, many thanks to our master of the Kazakh legal science Nurgaliev Bakhyt Moldatyaevich for his assistance in holding the conference. Special thanks to the moderator of the conference, associate professor of the Department of PFD Maldybaev Askhat Maratovich and all our undergraduates and members of the department who made a special contribution to this difficult, but very useful work for everyone.

Head of the Department

legal and financial disciplines,

Candidate of Law, Professor of the Academy “Bolashaq” Kabzhanov A.T.

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