Republican round table

On April 24, 2024, the Kazakh National University of Arts and the Institute of Design and Technology ASUE “Symbat” held a republican online round table on the topic “Ult namysyn uran tukan tulga”, dedicated to the anniversary of Abdijamil Nurpeisov.

The purpose of the round table: moral, aesthetic education of young people through the works of the writer Abdijamil Nurpeisov, whose writing abilities are known both to the Turkic peoples and the European people, with high authority in Kazakh literature, instilling a sense of love, respect for their native country, homeland.

Senior teachers of the EP “Kazakh Language and Literature” of the Academy “Bolashaq” Baimamyrova A.M., Kasetova N.K. took part in the round table. and 1st year students Zhaksylykova Dana, Tolegen Syrym. The round table was held at a very high level.

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