Image is an important indicator of the Academy’s success

On April 24, an open presentation of the results of the research project took place: “PERCEPTION OF THE IMAGE OF THE BOLASHAQ ACADEMY BY THE STUDENT AUDIENCE.”

The image of the academy is the reputation of an educational institution, which is formed on the basis of its scientific and educational achievements, the quality of education, the creativity of student life, and high-profile social, cultural and sporting events. Image influences public perception and rating of an educational institution, respectively, attracting students, teachers, partners and sponsors.

Until now, no research has been conducted within the academy on students’ perception of the image of their university. Meanwhile, the image of the academy is a real factor in the living space of students. In connection with this, students of groups In-23-1, Fm-23-1 and Yu-23-1 developed a research program and conducted an online survey among students, the scientific supervisor of the project is Professor of the Department of OOD Bekturganova B.I.

The presentation of the research report was presented by students of group In-23-1 Polina Naumenko, Sofia Verkhoturova and Ilona Salnikova. In their speech, they indicated that it took more than one month to conduct an online survey of 1-5 year full-time students, process and analyze the data obtained.

Based on the results of the study, the following conclusions were made:

  1. The main sources of information about the Academy are friends, relatives, acquaintances and social networks;
  2. Every fourth student surveyed indicated quality education and high professionalism of teachers as one of the reasons for choosing the Academy;
  3. From one third to more than a third of respondents see the advantages of the academy, respectively, in the respectful attitude of teachers and staff towards students and the presence of a varied, active, interesting student life, etc.

Among the most important factors on which the image of the academy depends are the following:

• Over two thirds of the surveyed full-time students indicated the high quality of education

• More than half – professionalism of teachers

• More than a third have good international connections

• Within a third are successful graduates.

The presentation of the report caused a heated discussion in the audience. Students had questions and suggestions. The rector of the Bolashaq Academy, G.M. Rysmagambetova, gave comprehensive answers to the questions. In her speech, she emphasized active cooperation with international universities. International student exchange programs allow students from different countries to experience life in a new country. They provide students with the opportunity to gain cultural knowledge, develop foreign language proficiency, and build cross-cultural relationships while immersing themselves in a new way of life.

We express our gratitude to Bekturganova B.I., Naumenko Polina, Verkhoturova Sofya and Salnikova Ilona for such an interesting presentation of the research results, students of groups In-23-1, Fm-23-1, Yu-23-1 for the efforts and efforts invested in the preparation and carrying out this work!

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