Meeting of Science and Technical Council on the results of 2019 calendar year

On December 20, a meeting of the University Scientific and Technical Council on the results of 2019 was held. Members of the STC and invited teachers and students heard and discussed a number of planned issues.

1. The report on the grant study on “Creation of a trilingual dictionary of biological terms with a linguocultural component” was made by F.Sh. Orazgalieva, the scientific supervisor of the project, and B.M. Ibrayeva, the head of the Department B.M. Ibrayeva. All members of STC were very active in discussing the problematic aspects of the grant project.

2.Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists K.T. Ibrayeva reported to those present about the participation of the Academy students in national and international competitions, Olympiads and projects. It was proposed for approval of the Regulations on the Academy “Bolashaq” research and development competition for 2019-2020 academic year.

3. The most voluminous and discussed issue was the Report of the Directors of the research centers of the Academy and Reports on the implementation of research in the departments for the calendar year 2019. The reports on the work of the research centers were presented by: Head M.A. Arysbanbekov, Head of “Rukhaniyat” Center A.U. Aupenova, Head of Central State Unitary Enterprise S.S. Shutenova, Responsible for Research and Development of CPS Departments Pimenov A.V., Timova G.T., Shashchanova M.B., Okashev R.D., Ermekbai A.M., Bokizhanova G.K., Shutenova S.S., Ibrayeva B.M., Zhumzhumaev N.S., Daribekova A.S.

4. In a final part of session of STC, the rector of Academy Menlibaev K.N. has delivered speech, who has brought a number of offers on perfection of research and development, having offered to planning for 2020 carrying out of republican scientifically-practical chair conferences.

The research activity of the university in 2019 was approved and found satisfactory. All reports were approved.

Tatiana Petrovna Smolkina,

Vice rector for Research and international cooperation of “Bolashaq” Academy, Candidate of Pedagogy Sciences, professor

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