Corruption prevention and implementation of the “Sanaly urpaq” project

On February 16, 2021 the Agency for Counteraction to Corruption of Karaganda Region held a live broadcast on the theme “Corruption Prevention and Implementation of “Sanaly urpaq” Project”.

The speakers of this meeting were: ️ First Deputy Head of Department Orazkhan Askhat Orazkhanovich, ️Rector of “Bolashaq” Academy, PhD in Philosophy, Professor Menlibayev Kuralbay Nesipbekovich.

In his report Kuralbay Nesipbekovich told about the activity of the Academy in implementation of anti-corruption policy.

The analysis showed that it is the formation of the atmosphere of aversion to corruption at the moral and ethical level in the university that is the most effective approach.

The Academy carries out purposeful work on the formation of anti-corruption culture. In the direction of organizational and methodological improvement of anti-corruption on a constant basis the control over compliance with the requirements of anti-corruption legislation by the teaching staff and students of the Academy is provided; the local normative acts are kept up to date; monitoring of corruption risks in all areas of the Academy activities is carried out.

Bolashaq Academy carries out an annual sociological monitoring “Clean Session” in order to study the attitude of students to corruption and measures to prevent it in the university. The mission of this research project is the implementation of effective measures in the system of prevention of corruption, internal control, formation of anti-corruption culture in the Academy.

For the purpose of effective implementation of the mission, the management and educational units of the Academy involve the teams of students of all programs and courses of study. The latter take an active part in sociological monitoring.

In January of this year the Academy “Bolashaq” conducted an online monitoring survey among the students on the topic of corruption and its prevention in the university. The survey was conducted in accordance with the requirements for sociological research.

At the beginning of the academic year there was obligatory for each group an Advising Hour, where students were familiarized in detail with the procedures for evaluating academic achievements, information on educational programs and internal regulations, the disposition of all support services. The meetings are organized at the initiative of the university administration.

Students have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the Rector and Vice Rectors.

To prevent problems related to the educational process, the heads of departments, editors and faculty take actions aimed at their solution: systematic control of the current rating of students; timely solution of problems of interpersonal relations of students; correspondence and meetings with parents of individual students; discussion of problems and frequently asked questions by students at department meetings.

Monthly online meetings of the rector with students are held, during the meeting the rector gives answers to all questions of students asked live and reminds that the questions arising in the course of study can be answered in the call centers, on the Academy website, including the “Rector’s Blog”. There is a “Trust Box” for suggestions and comments in the building.

All academic achievements of students are recorded in the information system of the university, which limits access of third parties to the results of control of academic achievements of students.

The results of the examination sessions are discussed at the meetings of departments, the AMS, the rectorate and the Academic Council.

In case of disagreement with the exam evaluation, exhibited by the teacher, students can write a statement of appeal and appeal to the OR. There were no appeals to the Appeals Commission.

Storage of examination materials is carried out in accordance with the requirements.

For technical support and solving the problems of students work Call-centers.

In the university for students works COC. The organization of the CSC at the university is focused on the implementation of the state program “Digital Kazakhstan”.

Financial and economic activities are ensured by an open budgeting procedure, the consideration of financial statements is open to the public. Every year at an open meeting of the Academic Council with the participation of stakeholders (city public, parents, media representatives, alumni, representatives of youth and public organizations of the university) the issues “Report of the rector” and “On the results of financial and economic activity of the Academy for the academic year” are considered.

The work of recruitment and promotion is carried out openly with the exclusion of corruption. Announcement of the competition is placed in the open press, the website of the university. The competition committee works. When hiring faculty members, a competition is held, the interview procedure is mandatorily minuted and a collegial decision is made on the results of the competition. The selection is based solely on the principles of meritocracy.

The implementation of the International Standard ISO 37001:2016 Anti-corruption Management System has begun. Changes were made to all internal documents: employment contracts, job descriptions, regulations and codes.

Anyone can write a letter to the “Rector’s Blog”, apply through the pages of the university in social networks, call the hotline, the “Box for written appeals of the university administration”, the “Box for suggestions”.

Within the framework of student self-government in the Academy, the Bolashak Republic, the “Sanaly ұrpaқ” PO, through which the work on improvement of anti-corruption culture is carried out, was created.

Student Republic together with PO “Sanaly ұrpaқ” organizes the demonstration of social video clips for the promotion of anti-corruption culture, conducts discussion platforms, campaigns on the prevention of the prevention of corruption risks.

In October 2019, the School of Integrity began its work at the Academy.

Students of the university – the Prime Minister and the Minister of the anti-corruption agency of the Student Republic took part in the All-Russian scientific and practical conference with international participation “Modern approaches to combating corruption: trends and prospects” in the Russian Economic University (REU) named after G. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics in Moscow with the report “Student self-government as a new tool to combat corruption in higher education institution”, where by the decision of the committee won a worthy 1st place for the best report in the section “Features of the methodology of combating corruption in higher education in terms of digitalization.

Since the beginning of the academic year, the project office of Sanaly Turpanak Academy held a series of events to improve the anti-corruption culture:

– webinar with a member of the Information and Education Staff of the Anti-Corruption Service in the Karaganda region on the National Basics of Anti-Corruption Culture.

– online action among students “Clean Session”.

– Debate tournament organized by PO “Sanaly Urpaq” of “Bolashaq” Academy among students;

– The action “Clean Session” etc.

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