Open class on “Same Planet, different worlds”

An important element in the preparation of future teachers of two foreign languages is teaching them productive types of speech activity and strategies for their organization.

Already in the first year students are taught to conduct dialogue and monologue on a variety of topics: academic, professional, general, while communicating without prior preparation, trying to avoid grammatical errors, which corresponds to the provisions of the level B2 of the nationwide Concept of Foreign Language Education.

This work requires the efforts of both sides: the teacher organizes this process on the basis of modern methods of foreign language education, leads the students by a lot of preliminary work to create samples of thoughtful and spontaneous oral and written speech, allows to feel the joy of fluent speaking in a foreign language studied with the arguments “for” and “against”.

On April 14, 2021 Nurmagambetova Anel Annamovna, the senior teacher of the Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication held an open lesson in the group IN-20-1 on “Same Planet, different worlds”. The theme itself assumes expression of own thoughts, as really it is so: how many people on a planet, so many different opinions and positions on the same question exist in real life.

Чему учились студенты 1 курса на этом занятии?

What did the 1st year students learn in this class?

They practiced using definite and indefinite articles in everyday speech situations which they learned on the Kahoot course platform. The answer had to be justified. They analyzed the text they had read in the textbook New English File by the authoritative British publisher Oxford University Press, and listened to the opinions of many participants in the teaching dialogue and commented on them.

By the end of the class we were playing our own dialogues at the blackboard. At times it turned into a monologue. There was something to say to the opponent. To this result the instructor led the audience for half an hour. Both parties ensured the success of the lesson.

The department of foreign languages and intercultural communication thanks Anel Annamovna for the lesson and the exchange of practical experience.

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