A year has passed since last year’s tragic January incident. The social situation, unemployment, etc. caused a protest, illegal actions were committed by certain groups, these issues are discussed and an appropriate assessment is given. In accordance with the initiative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan K.K.Tokayev on the creation of a new Kazakhstan, a number of political, social, economic and spiritual events have been carried out in recent days, in particular,

– the Constitutional Court has been established and started its work in the country;

– to improve the social situation of the population, pensions, benefits, minimum wages, increase the incomes of state employees, the population as a whole, etc. during the implementation of;

– what shocked the public: there were personnel changes in the government.

In short, it is pleasant to realize that all these are effective prerequisites for creating a just society where the rights of every citizen of Kazakhstan are protected by law.

Mauen Hamzin,

Doctor of Philology,


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