Essay contest “Tauelsizdik-tugymym”

On December 15, 2022, teachers of the Department of Kazakh language and literature of the Karaganda Academy “Bolashak” held an essay contest “Tauelsizdik – tugyrym”, dedicated to the Independence Day, in the framework of the popularization of Latin graphics among students. Students of 1-4 courses took part in writing the essay. During the years of independence, the work on writing essays in order to justify the spiritual, moral and patriotic education of students of 1-4 courses by analyzing the path traveled by the Kazakh country and predicting the future has achieved good results. Teachers of the EP program of the Kazakh language and literature checked the essay and summed up the results. We think that all the students who took part understood the dignity of independence and were able to express their thoughts well not only in the Kazakh language, but also on the basis of Latin graphics.

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