Meeting with graduates

On 03/29/2024, the annual traditional online meeting with graduates took place. The online meeting was attended by students of the group DOV 20-2 Abish Tolganai, Boken Altan.Graduates of previous years DOV 12-2 Kuanyshbai Fariza, Zhunisova Gulzhan, Kordabai Nazerke, teachers Shaltaeva Roza Zhiembaevna, Zhanysbaeva Roza Mazrapovna.

Students had the opportunity to ask questions about the future protection of the diploma, the delivery of the OST. The graduates, in turn, gave the students their parting words and wishes on how to write a thesis, build a future defense of their work.

Boken Altan asked a question about the certification of educators.Kuanyshbai Fariza spoke in detail about the new qualification requirements.

At the end of the meeting, students of the DOV 20-2 group and graduates exchanged phone numbers and decided to continue further communication.

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