Conducting a joint regional seminar for primary school teachers by the staff of the Department of Pedagogy

According to the joint plan of the Department of Pedagogy of the Bolashaq Academy with JSC NCPC Orleu IPR, a regional seminar on the topic was held in the Karaganda region on March 28-29, 2024: “Professional development of teachers. Pedagogical skills”. At the initiative of the head of the Department of Pedagogy Abdrakhmanova A.S. and senior lecturer Sarbasova K.A., this regional seminar was organized on the basis of the branch of the OP – PMNO in KSU “OSH No. 23” in Karaganda.

The opening ceremony was led by the organizer of this event, senior lecturer, master, head of the branch of OP-PMNO Sarbasova Kalimash Amangeldinovna.

At the opening of the seminar, the Vice-rector for Aviation of the Bolashaq Academy, Bekzhanova Saule Bektasovna, made a welcoming speech.

Then the head of the Department of Pedagogy, Abdrakhmanova Alua Sabitovna, spoke.

From the branch of JSC NCPC Orleu Deputy Director of Kushnir Marina Petrovna congratulated the IPR in the Karaganda region on the opening.

The director of Balmukhanova Dina Kosherbayeva spoke from school No. 23 in Karaganda.

From the Department of Pedagogy, the leading teachers – Abdrakhmanova A.S., Asakaeva D.S., Mamerkhanova Zh.M., Sarbasova K.A., Korzhumbaeva M.B., Mekadilova S.K., Baibekova V.A. shared their new ideas and best practices with the teachers.

From JSC NCPC Orleu IPR in the Karaganda region speakers were Kushnir M.P. deputy director and Shadetova A.K. senior lecturer.

The administration and teachers of school No. 23 supported the initiative of the seminar. The speakers were the director of the school Balmukhanova D.K., deputy director for educational work Akifyeva O.A., deputy director for educational work Baigomenova S.N.

The seminar covered topical issues of modern primary-level education. The following topics were considered:

Digitalization of education. Neural networks and artificial intelligence;
Psychological and pedagogical diagnostics as a methodological basis for the system of criteria-based assessment of educational achievements of schoolchildren;
Introspection of the lesson as a way to develop the teacher’s pedagogical skills;
Conflict management;
Professional development of a teacher through non-positional leadership;
Assessment as a condition for the growth of students;
The implementation of a value-based approach in teaching younger students;
Time management. Effective planning and efficient use of time;
L esson Study – tazhiribeni zhetildirudin tiimdi zholy;
Functionaldy sauatgy tulga negisi;
Sabakty ozindik taldau mugalimnin pedagogicalyk sheberligin damytu tasili retinde;
Kaktygystards of baskar;
Bastauysh synyp okushylaryn okytuda kundylykka-bagdarlangan tasili zhuzege asyru;
Zharatylystan sabagyndagi zertteu ic-ereketin uyymdastyru;
Zhaksy konil kui – zhan tynyshtygy.

Teachers were given the opportunity to receive new information in order to develop their professional competence and improve their teaching skills.

About 80 primary school teachers from Karaganda region took part in the seminar. The participants actively participated in the sessions, delved into and learned new technologies and made conclusions and generalizations useful for the teacher’s work.

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