Meeting of the interdepartmental working group on improving the quality of legal education

On April 28, 2022 at 16 00 on a platform ZOOM passed a meeting of interdepartmental working group on improving the quality of legal education.

The meeting was initiated by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and was chaired by Mr. Kuanysh Asylkhanovich Ergaliev, Vice-Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Bolashaq Academy was represented by two members of the working group on improving the quality of legal education, namely Nurgaliev Bakyt Moldatayevich and Kabzhanov Akylbek Taybulatovich.

Representatives of universities and employers made presentations. In particular, such lawyers as:

Pen Sergey Gennadievich Provost (Rector) of KAZGYU named after M. S. Narikbayev – spoke on the prospects of the legal profession.

Anuarbek Zhumazhanovich Skakov, Director of the Chamber of Legal Advisers, spoke on the formation of legal standards.

Abdrassulov Ermek Bayakhmetovich doctor of law, professor, chair of theory and history of state and law, constitutional law – spoke with the analysis of the reasons contributing to the decrease in the quality of training of lawyers.

Kanatbek Beisenbekovich Safinov, the deputy of the Senate of the Republic of Kazakhstan, appointed by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (the Member and the Secretary of the Committee on the Constitutional Legislation, Judicial System and Law Enforcement Agencies) noted about inexpediency of race for closing of legal specialities.

Akylbek Taybulatovich Kabzhanov, Head of the Department of Legal Disciplines of the Academy “Bolashaq” noted:

  • Shortcomings in the requirements for testing of higher education institutions of legal profile;
  • Testing in non-core disciplines and demanding the closure of the specialty is at least not logical;
  • Problems of appealing the results of the knowledge cut-off test during the qualification test;
  • Imposition of additional EP, which, by the way, contradicts the PC RK, which directly indicates the inadmissibility of excessive interference in entrepreneurial activities;

Art. 9 of the PC RK “Within the framework of state regulation, new requirements for private business entities may be introduced only if benefits to consumers and the state prevail over the costs associated with state regulation”.

Art. 82 “Tougher regulation is the imposition of additional duties or other increases in the burden on business entities”.

The experience of opening such specialties as “Customs Business” and “International Law” has shown their ineffectiveness. To be frank, the already opened EPs cannot boast of a special set.

  • The need to respect the personal data of students.

Baideldinov Daulet Laikovich Dean of the Faculty of Law at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University Doctor of Law, Professor. He believes that it is necessary to train lawyers strictly according to the unified state standards.

Speakers noted the reasons for the decline in the quality of legal education, new measures to strengthen control over legal education, increased barriers (in the form of increasing the passing score on the UNT) on the shortcomings of non-core universities training future lawyers, the independent creation of educational programs by universities with the active cooperation of employers.

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