Lesson 6 Ted Talks Club

On February 5, 2020, there was another class at Ted Talks Club with the theme “Drawings that show the beauty and fragility of Earth”.

In the video Zaria Foreman talks about how she visits different picturesque parts of the world and then paints them so that other people could feel their beauty without being able to visit.

The speaker’s speech is legible and interesting – everything that is necessary to interest schoolchildren.

The class was interesting and fascinating.

It is encouraging that students are already consciously involved in the learning process and even describe the tasks that they would like to do, as well as name the desired topics for viewing and discussing.

Another achievement is that students guess new words without translation, but by definition.

After watching the video, students are no longer afraid to express their views on the topic, which also makes us very happy.

A.N. Kalizhanova, senior lecturer of the chair of Foreign languages and Intercultural Communication.

5 февраля 2020 года состоялось очередное занятие в Ted Talks Club, тема которого называлась “Drawings that show the beauty and fragility of Earth”.

В просмотренном видео Зария Форман рассказывает о том, как она посещает разные живописные части света и потом рисует их, чтобы другие люди могли ощутить их красоту, не имея возможности посетить.

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