Dear young entrant!

Bolashaq Academy of Karaganda invites you to study.

The history of the Academy dates back to 1995. Today, Bolashaq Academy is a high-quality educational institution that has passed institutional and specialized accreditation with a validity of up to 22.01.2025, which is recognized not only in the central region, but also in the entire Republic, countries of near and far abroad, is an advanced and has overcome 25 years of historical development.

In accordance with the state program for the development of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the mission of the Academy, which operates within the framework of the implementation of the University in accordance with international standards of the quality of education, is to organize high – quality, affordable education that ensures the level of Education, competitiveness, mobility, social orientation of its graduates and the ability to use advanced innovative technologies in professional activities and science. 9 Bachelor’s degree programs in full-time and distance learning at the Academy:

Pedagogy and psychology;

Preschool education and training;

Pedagogy and methodology of primary education;

Kazakh language and literature; Kazakh language and literature in educational institutions with Kazakh and Russian languages of instruction;

Foreign Language: two foreign languages;




5 master’s degree programs:

Pedagogy and psychology;

Kazakh language and literature;

Foreign Language: two foreign languages;



there is also a doctoral program in the educational program of jurisprudence. Bolashaq Academy is an educational institution that has always been distinguished by high achievements. Among the graduates who have graduated from the University, who have conquered the horizons of knowledge, there are many well-known personalities in their field. The educational process at the Academy is carried out on the basis of innovative teaching technologies, informatization and computerization of the entire learning process, the use of new concepts in the field of education and science, improvement of traditional teaching methods, creation and constant replenishment of the fund of e-learning tools. The Academy provides educational and methodological and information resources for the implementation of educational programs of higher and postgraduate education: free access to international information networks, library funds and databases, computer technologies, teaching aids and developments in the subjects studied. The fund of electronic educational and methodological publications of the university has created a database of course cases, video lectures, educational and methodological complexes in all disciplines of educational programs, electronic courses of lectures in Kazakh, Russian, English and German. In addition, there are also single training complexes that are part of the Academy: Faculty of advanced training of pharmaceutical workers; Central Kazakhstan research humanitarian Institute; Research Institute of legal and comparative studies; Karaganda College of actual education” Bolashaq”; Balkhash College of actual education “Bolashaq” by academician Zh.s. Akylbayev; Regional student newspaper” lemonade “(registration certificate of the Ministry of investment and development of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 25.09.2015 No. 15587-G); Rio “Bolashaq-publishing” etc. Bolashaq Academy, which occupies a leading position in the National Science and is currently in high demand, will continue to innovate in the direction of training personnel worthy of the development of the field of pedagogy. “Bolashaq” Academy has the potential for further conquests. “Young entrant-2021”, we are in a hurry to see you at our university this academic year. Executive Secretary of the admissions committee of the Bolashaq Academy B. A. Abylbayeva

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