Knowledge is a vital value

An educated person is a priceless treasure of the country. The future of the nation is always in the hands of educated youth. Education is a wealth for life. No one will ever be able to take away our knowledge. We get knowledge from school, from our teachers, from the walls of the university. This is how we begin the path of our education.

It is clear that the life of an educated person will always be happy and bright. Education is like a lamp illuminating our dark life. We can solve obstacles and problems in life thanks to our knowledge. Thanks to concrete actions and knowledge, we can achieve some success in achieving our goals.

And so, having received a higher education, we become the owners of the desired profession and say goodbye to our favorite educational institution.

I, Zholtai Aibolgan, studied under the educational program “Kazakh language and literature” At the Bolashaq Academy, she gained in-depth knowledge, accumulated extensive experience and spiritual education, successfully defended her final thesis under the guidance of senior lecturer of the department, Associate Professor R. H. Abdrakhmanov. The topic of my thesis: “Phraseological units in the Kazakh language”. During the defense of the thesis I wrote, I tried to reveal the topic as much as possible, to identify the relevance of the research work, to show the knowledge gained.

I express my special gratitude to all the teachers of the Bolashaq Academy, including the staff of the educational program “Kazakh language and Literature”, the head of the department and the curator!

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