Educational lecture on humanitarian cycle disciplines

November 11, 2020 SIC Rukhaniyat together with the Bolashaq Academy library, held a discussion of political science textbooks as part of a special project “New Humanitarian Knowledge. 100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language” as part of the state program “Rukhani Жаңғыру”.

The purpose of the lecture: To create conditions for students to receive education in the areas of humanitarian knowledge in the state language on the best world examples.

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  1. Contribute to increasing the professional skills of students and broaden the scope of knowledge in humanitarian disciplines.
  2. to organize regular work of students with electronic resources: – –
  • to take free courses
  • a “Library” section of the Bolashaq Academy website to systematize and update knowledge.
  1. To develop the reader’s culture of personality in the modern information environment

During the lecture, students of all educational programmes of Bolashaq Academy got acquainted with the following publications:

  • Jonathan Wolf “Introduction to political philosophy” (2015).
  • Robert F. Trager “Diplomacy: Communication and the Basics of International Order” (2017).
  • Globalization of World Politics. Introduction to International Relations. Compiled by John Bailis, Patricia Owens and Steve Smith (2017).

The participants in the educational lecture actively participated in the discussion of these textbooks and tried to answer the following questions:

  • Topical issues that are of concern to humanity today.
  • What are the acute problems facing modern society?
  • The role of diplomacy in international relations?
  • What is meant by the concept of “secret diplomacy”?
  • “What do diplomats and heads of state think about the intentions, interests and plans of their allies and opponents”?
  • What is the basis for theoretical and empirical research methods?
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The first edition of Jonathan Wolf’s Introduction to Political Philosophy was published in 1996. The textbook addresses issues that define the field of political science, such as nature, the state, democracy, freedom and property, which have long been of concern to humanity and are still relevant today.

The book analyses the views of ancient Greek philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle, as well as contemporary thinkers such as Gobbs, Locke, Rousseau, Bentham, Hum, Mill, Rolls and Nozick. Current challenges facing modern society and the state, such as women’s rights, racial discrimination, positive discrimination and the rights of future generations are also discussed in detail.

The publication is intended for university students, the material is presented in accessible language and is interesting in content.

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Robert F. Trager is Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Los Angeles. His work has been published in American journals such as: “American Political Science Review, American Journal of Political Science, Journal of Politics, International Organization, International Security and Security Studies.

Robert F. Trager’s course “Diplomacy: Communication and the Basics of International Order” introduces historical and empirical analysis of world events. The aim of the course is to provide an overview of diplomacy. The entire spectrum of diplomacy is widely covered in this publication. Using the wealth of diplomatic experience of historically important personalities, the subtleties of the diplomatic art, the variety of methods and techniques of diplomacy, and the characteristics of diplomacy in different countries of the world are revealed. Numerous studies by foreign authors, memoirs of diplomats and politicians, and documents from the London Archive are used in the preparation of the book, on which video lectures have been created. All this, as well as the relaxed and lively manner of presentation, makes the course extremely interesting not only for students studying foreign policy and diplomacy problems and specialists in this field, but also for a wider range of researchers.

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The book, written under the direction of John Baileys, Patricia Owens and Steve Smith, “The Globalization of World Politics. Introduction to International Relations “(2017). The first edition was released in 1997. The textbook contains a broad overview of global problems and key theories of world politics. The seventh edition of Globalizing World Politics: An Introduction to International Relations includes several new chapters on phenomena such as feminism, race, international organizations and nongovernmental organizations, and introduces themes that will define the main issues in this area in the future. The book provides an overview of world politics in the era of globalization. The theoretical principles explaining contemporary world politics are briefly described.

Leading experts in this field introduce the history, theory, structure and main issues of international relations.

You can get acquainted with the published textbooks in the library of the Bolashaq Academy; electronic format and online courses are available at the link:

SRC “Rukhaniyat”

Library of the Academy “Bolashaq”

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