I am grateful to Bolashaq

Bolashaq Academy graduates, reaching new heights in their professional activities, do not forget their Alma-Mater and send warm greetings and share their bright memories.

Erzat Moldabekovich Ermagambetov, graduate of the Kazakh Language and Literature Department in 2015:

My student complaints were not only full of joy, but also as a qualified specialist, and I listened to lectures from the masters of the sea. This is also a pleasure. You knit a lot of things.

There was a traffic light, and sometimes there was an unmistakable light in the thick fog. We searched for our way under the motto: “Let’s not go astray from the great path, keep the knowledge given by the teacher.” We later learned that if the foundation is strong, you will not go astray.

It is true that only yesterday he received his diploma and was worried about the mysterious future. And now, the education I received at the Bolashak Academy has become my millennial food.

Trying to follow in the footsteps of my teachers, I also turned to education. Just as a horse finds its peg, so I find my peg.

I think that’s the main thing in life. Find your way, and stay on that path.

In this regard, I am grateful to Bolashak!

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